Our Vision

Macroscopic properties are governed by molecular-scale behaviour and CLiC makes observing and controlling single molecules easy.

CLiC is the first simple, general tool for the era of single-molecule technology. Our mission is to empower investigations at the level of single molecules in every industry, to uncover salient connections between “microscopic and macroscopic” which are otherwise out of reach.

We developed CLiC to solve this problem. Our mission is to provide a technology platform that makes single-molecule imaging available to the broadest possible set of scientists and engineers, energizing the advancement of the boundaries of drug development, materials research, diagnostics, and any other field that requires the highest possible level of fidelity and control.

We have selected single-molecule microscopy as our first market because we know researchers everywhere want to investigate their systems – from DNA to proteins to nanoparticles to drugs – at the molecular level. While single-molecule imaging techniques do exist, they are too expensive and cumbersome to keep up with the rapid pace of research today.