Advanced Single-molecule Analytics

We've created a unique single-molecule platform to answer your most challenging questions

ScopeSys is a commercial-stage developer of disruptive technologies for single-molecule imaging with applications in genomic-medicine drug development. ScopeSys’ Convex Lens-induced Confinement (CLiC) technology enables high-throughput measurements with single-molecule resolution. CLiC provides novel analysis capabilities to the field of genomic-medicine for the development of RNA, DNA, and nanoparticle delivered drugs. Unlike existing technologies that rely on ensemble measurements, CLiC allows developers to resolve single-molecule interactions, improving their ability to engineer their active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations. Applications include optimizing sequences of therapeutics to improve their efficacy, and optimization of mRNA loading with single-particle resolution. Spun out of the Leslie Lab at UBC to meet real-world needs, ScopeSys is excited to collaborate with industry and leading developers.

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Single-molecule analytics for visualizing mRNA lipid nanoparticle interactions in response to changes in environment