ScopeSys is a spin-off company from the laboratory of Dr. Sabrina Leslie at UBC. The following publications are the output of this lab, some of which are collaborative with ScopeSys through sponsored research and collaborative research agreements. These publications are a great introduction to the single-molecule and single-cell imaging platform which ScopeSys is commercializing.

Single-particle RNA-LNP analytics

Simultaneous, single-particle measurements of size and loading give new insights into the structure of drug-delivery nanoparticles

A. Kamanzi, Y. Gu, R. Tahvildari, Z. Friedenberger, X. Zhu, R. Berti, M. Kurylowicz, D. Witzigmann, J. Kulkarni, J. Leung, John Andersson, Andreas Dahlin, Fredrik Hook, Mark Sutton, Pieter R. Cullis, and Sabrina R. Leslie*

ACS Nano (2021), 15, 12, 19244-19255

Single-molecule DNA-interaction analytics

Non-equilibrium structural dynamics of supercoiled DNA plasmids exhibit asymmetrical relaxation.

C. Shaheen, C. Hastie, K. Metera, S. Scott, Z. Zhang, S. Chen, G. Gu, L. Weber, B. Munsky, D. Levens, C. Benham, and Sabrina R. Leslie*

Nucleic Acids Research (2022), 50(5): 2754-2764

Single-molecule visualization of the effects of ionic strength and crowding on structure-mediated interactions in supercoiled DNA molecules

S. Scott, C. Shaheen, B. McGuiness, K. Metera, F. Kouzine, D. Levens, C. J. Benham, Sabrina R. Leslie*

Nucleic Acids Research (2019), 47, 12, 6360-6368

Visualizing structure-mediated interactions in supercoiled DNA molecules

S. Scott, Zhi Ming Xu, Fedor Kouzine, Daniel J Berard, Cynthia Shaheen, Barbara Gravel, Laura Saunders, Alexander Hofkirchner, Catherine Leroux, Jill Laurin, David Levens, Craig J Benham, Sabrina R Leslie*

Nucleic Acids Research. (2018), 10, 1093

Single-molecule protein-interaction analytics

Probing inhomogeneous diffusion in the microenvironments of phase-separated polymers under confinementā€

M. Shayegan, R. Tahvildari, L. Kisley, K. Metera, S. W. Michnick*, Sabrina R. Leslie*

Journal of the American Chemical Society. (2019), 141, 19, 7751-7757

Single-molecule fluorescence imaging of processive myosin with enhanced background suppression using linear Zero Mode Waveguides (ZMW) and Convex Lens-induced Confinement (CLiC)

M. W. Elting, S. R. Leslie, L. S. Churchman, J. Korlach, C. McFaul, J. S. Leith, M. J. Levene, A. E. Cohen, J. A. Spudich

Optics Express (2013), 21 (1), 1189-1202

Single-cell analytics

Single-cell analysis for drug development using Convex Lens-Induced Confinement (CLiC) imaging

K. Thiombane, N. Coutin, D. J. Berard, R. Tahvildari, Sabrina R. Leslie*, C. Nislow*

BioTechniques (2019) 67(5): 210-217

Parallelized Cytoindentation Using Convex Micropatterned Surfaces

B. Jia, T.L. Wee, D. Berard, A. Mallik, D. Juncker, C. M. Brown*, Sabrina R. Leslie*

Biotechniques (2016), 61, (2), 73-82

Development of a Platform for Single-Cell Genomics Using Convex Lens-Induced Confinement

S. Mahshid, M. J. Ahamed, D. Berard, S. Amin, R. Sladek, Sabrina R. Leslie*, W. Reisner*

Lab on a Chip (2015), 15, 3013-3020

CLiC microscopy and instrumentation development

Miniaturized flow cell with pneumatically-actuated vertical nanoconfinement for single-molecule imaging and manipulation

D. J. Berard, Sabrina R. Leslie*

Biomicrofluidics (2018), 12, 054107

Formatting and Ligating Biopolymers using Adjustable Nanoconfinement

D. Berard, M. Shayegan, F. Michaud, G. Henkin, S. Scott, Sabrina R. Leslie*

Applied Physics Letters (2016), 109, 033702

Manipulating and visualizing molecular interactions in customized nanoscale spaces

G. Henkin, D. Berard, F. Stabile, M. Shayegan, J. S. Leith, Sabrina R. Leslie*

Analytical Chemistry (2016) 88(22), 11100-11107

Open-frame System for Singleā€“Molecule Microscopy

A. Arsenault, J. S. Leith, G. Henkin, C. McFaul, M. Tarling, R. Talbot, D. Berard, F. Michaud, S. Scott, Sabrina R. Leslie*

Review of Scientific Instruments (2015), 86 (3), 033701

Precision Platform for Convex Lens-Induced Confinement Microscopy

D. Berard, C. McFaul, J. S. Leith, A. Arsenault, F. Michaud, Sabrina R. Leslie*

Review of Scientific Instruments (2013), 84, 103704

Convex Lens-induced Confinement for Imaging Single Molecules

Sabrina R. Leslie, A. P. Fields, A. E. Cohen

Analytical Chemistry (2010) 82 (14), 6224-6229

Investigations of DNA polymers in confinement

Rotation-induced Macromolecular Spooling DNA

T. Shendruk, D. Sean, D. Berard, J. Wolf, J. Dragoman, S. Battat, G. Slater, Sabrina R. Leslie*

Physical Review X 7, (2017), 031005(1-11)

Free energy of a polymer in slit-like confinement from the Odijk to the bulk regime

J. S. Leith, A. Kamanzi, D. Sean, D. Berard, A. Guthrie, C.M.J. McFaul, G. Slater, H. de Haan, Sabrina R. Leslie*

Macromolecules (2016), 49 (23) 9266-9271

Continuous Confinement Fluidics: Getting Lots of Molecules in Small Spaces

J. Ahamed, S. Mahshid, D. Berard, F. Michaud, R. Sladek, W. Reisner, Sabrina R. Leslie*

Macromolecules (2015), 49, (7) 2853-2859

Convex lens-induced nanoscale templating

D. Berard, F. Michaud, S. Mahshid, M. J. Ahamed, C. McFaul, J. S. Leith, P. Berube, R. Sladek, W. Reisner, Sabrina R. Leslie*

P.N.A.S. (2014), 111, 37

Review and perspective articles

Single-molecule imaging of the biophysics of molecular interactions in cell-like conditions, without tethers, and with precision and control

Sabrina R. Leslie et al

Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering (2019) 12: 75-82

In honor of W. E. Moerner: Confining molecules for single-molecule spectroscopy

A. E. Cohen, A. P. Fields, J. H. Hou, S. R. Leslie, M. J. Shon

Israel Journal of Chemistry (2010) 49 (3-4), 275